Objectives of MyQUANTUM

  1. To be centre of excellence where it is possible to showcase a full environment of research from theory to applications in related quantum field of science.
  2. To be a platform for 3rd parties to engage and obtain information in the quantum field.
  3. To be a platform where aspiring scientists can look up to for future national direction in the areas related to quantum science and quantum technology.
  4. To be as best as possible to spin of research into income to re-fill the research bank within the hub for future generations.
  5. To be as the national and reference point in the 4 pillars.
  6. To be a centre meeting point to mitigate and synchronize the “knowledgeable public” aspirations towards science with scientists in the field from various institutions nation wide.
  7. To be a centre (supply / demand) relationship between the government, research institutes and industries.