Introduction to MyQUANTUM

Latest development on quantum technology based on multidisciplinary research area including the theoretical or practical aspects has gained new momentum globally. On the home front, the main unresolved element was whether Malaysia had the correct ingredients in order for such initiatives to be feasible. As such, a decision was made to invite the experts in various related fields under our national grouping Malaysian Quantum Information Era Strategic Hub known as MyQUANTUM. Four initial pillars were identified as follows:

  1. Quantum theory
  2. Quantum technology
  3. Quantum cryptography
  4. Post quantum cryptography

To this end, the working committee has put in effort to galvanize experts locally and abroad to share current findings and projections about the future of the field via the 1st MyQUANTUM seminar. It is hoped that this inaugural seminar will further spur interest in the field in Malaysia specifically at the initial stage through the 4 pillars listed above.