Aspirations of MyQUANTUM

  1. To be a catalyst for national growth based on science and technology having direct interface with any branch of quantum science and quantum technology.
  2. To become an eye opener for Malaysian public at large and especially policy makers that science developed in Malaysia can competeat a global stage.
  3. To gain prominence through the hype surrounding information security in the quantum age.
  4. To produce landmark research output for Malaysia that will eventually be acknowledge, cited and utilized regionally and globally.
  5. To interact and produce results that engulf all areas from the four (4) pillars of MyQUANTUM. Every pillar is equally important to the success of MyQUANTUM.
  6. To be a source of research funding for any related quantum field.
  7. To be a centre for 3rd parties to invest/pledge in research related to quantum areas.